Why Choose IV Care Options to Provide Care to Your Child:

IV Care Options uses highly trained nursing staff to administer medications to your child in a controlled environment.  Some therapies, such as Synagis, can be given in your home.  We have multiple locations across Georgia where you may bring your child to receive therapies that are not able to be administered in the home.  This enables a wide coverage area and assures flexibility for scheduling and convenience for you, our patients.  We get to know your child and family, so we can provide not just integrated care, but also comfort.   

We treat children with many different health conditions including immune disorders, genetic disorders, gastrointestinal problems, blood diseases, rheumatologic disorders, and other health conditions.

Our goal is to make sure that you, as a parent, understand that we know that children and adolescents need to feel safe, stress-free and as normal as possible. We are dedicated to making your experience with us as safe and stress-free as possible. Our experienced infusion team will care for you and your child with compassion and professionalism.

SYNAGIS® (palivizumab):

IV Care Options staff are highly experienced in administering SYNAGIS by injections.  It helps protect your high-risk baby from severe RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus).  This therapy helps protect babies from RSV through virus-fighting antibodies, thus keeping your child out of the hospital, but it is not a vaccine—it is an injection that should be given every 28-30 days during RSV season. The current season in Georgia begins October 1st and continues until April 1st.  Your baby will usually receive 4-5 injections.  To learn more, visit this website.